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B&B La Chambre bleue

"Where ?"

24, rue du Divan (pronouce diwane), Médina de Tunis
ph. +216 - 52 17 52 78

plan de la médina de tunis

"From the Airport"

Take a taxi until Kasba (Government square), then follow the green route on the map in feet or phone us. The course should cost neighborhood 15 dinars.

"From La Goulette's Port"

Go towards Tunis, you cross the Lake and enter Tunis by the avenue Bourguiba, at the end of this avenue (prolonged by the avenue of France, always straight) you arrive at the door of France (Bab Bhar). You enter then feet in the Medina by this door (see blue route on the plan). The running(race) in Taxi costs neighborhood 8 dinars.

If you have heavy luggages, ask the Taxi to take you to al Kasba, the route in feet will be shorter. Don't hesitate to phone us.

"From the Kasba"

Follow the green route. You are on a rectangular and sloping square (Government square), surrounded by ministries, with a small garden between two rows of ficus.

At the foot of the square, on the left, begin the Dar el-Jeld's
street, take it; then take the second to the right (you are in a beautiful vaulted passageway with decorations in stucco); afterthat you cross Romdhane Bey's square  and take, opposite, the Agha's street; there you take an arched passageway; the first street to the right, it is the Diwan's street, you arrived (X) (number 24, first house in the street).

"From France Gate (Bab Bhar)"

Follow the blue route. The France Gate (Bab Bhar) and the France avenue are in your back, in front of you opens the Medina; a street in the center: Jemaa ez-Zitouna street, straght ahead until the end, you arrive in front of the Zitouna's Mosque (recognizable by its majestic facade);

Turn right (the mosque is on your left), you are in the souk of the perfumers, turn left; and, immediately, the first one right, you are in the souk of the cobblers (blaghjyya), this souk widens to be divided into two streets, you take that of the left;

Diwan's street is then the second to the right, the number 24 is the last house in this street (X)


Für reservierungen, schreiben sie an lachambrebleue

  Pictures are taken by Renzo Chiesa