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B&B La Chambre bleue

The Room & the House

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La Chambre bleue is a Guest Room situated in the  heart of the Medina (The City) of Tunis, in the ‘aly al-barrAny (independant floor, traditionally used to accomodate visitors) in an authentic historical house.

It is a large room (around 40 square metres), of Tunis' Italianizing mid 19th Century style.

The room has its own living space, an intimate alcove with a  twin  bed,  a dressing and a shower room. It is equipped with central heating and internet connection.

The house, is a part of the ex-Agha's Palace (of the name of Mustapha Agha, Mamlouk - ie slave, of Mustafa Pacha Bey who gave him his first name - became War Minister). The Palace was shared in the middle of the 19th century in three different smaller ones, when Minister Mustafa Aga settled down in what will become later le Kram, or Kram Agha.

One of three palaces, Dar Louzir, was formed by four communicating modules, according to a classic plan: the Main House, on two levels around a big patio; the Domestic House reserved for the domestics and the kitchens; on the other side of the Divan's Street, were the stables and warehouses (makhazin) and finally an independent apartment, intended for the guests, builds over the warehouses and the street.

A last partition, in the 20th century's bend, untied the guests' floor and the makhazin, which formed then together Dar Belkadhi, this one was acquired in 1996 by the family Ben Miled. It is in one of the rooms of splendor of this `aly, covered with blue ceramic, that the B&B was installed ...


To book, write us at lachambrebleue

  Pictures are taken by Renzo Chiesa