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The District

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The Medina, which is in fact the historic center and the City of Tunis in its most former part, includes the main monuments of the Capital: mosques, Hammams (Moorish baths), souks (shopping districts), libraries and Bookshops, Medersas (schools and appendices of the university), fondouks (caravanserais)...

Diwan's street took the name of the legislative Divan (al-dywAn al-shar'y: was parliament and law court) the entrance of the central part of which is always at the top of the street.

Reminds only the central part of the Divan, which shelters a public library today, and a majestic apartment built upon it, at present private property. Of the barracks of janissairies, adjoining and belonging to the same complex, there is only a visible piece of waste ground on Sayda 'Ajoula's street.

The small Diwan's street also includes a Moorish bath (Hammam al-dywAn), the entrance of which is situated in the Mountain's st. (this bath, built in 13th century, is today the last one in town to be warmed in the wood, the boiler room is on the street of the Diwan); and a mausoleum of Sidi Abdelqader, transformed into a cultural center


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  Pictures are taken by Renzo Chiesa