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B&B La Chambre bleue

"Where ?"

24, rue du Divan (pronounce diwane), Médina de Tunis
ph. +216 - 52 17 52 78

plan de la médina de tunis

From the Airport

Take a taxi to "Place de la Kasba" and "Place du Gouvernement" (Government square), then follow the green route on the map on foot or phone us. The Taxi ride should cost about 15 dinars.

From the Port La Goulette

Go towards Tunis. Cross the Lake and enter Tunis by Avenue Bourguiba, this becomes Avenue de France. Go right to the end where you will arrive at a gate called Porte de France (Bab Bhar, in arabic). Enter the Medina from here on foot (see blue route on map). The taxi ride from the port should cost about 15 dinars.

If you have heavy luggages, ask the driver to take you to al Kasba, the walk will be shorter. Don't hesitate to phone us.

Walking from the Kasba (green route)

With the large town hall behind you, walk straight downhill (Government square) with the black and white Ministère des Finances on your left and trees on your right. Turn left into rue Dar El Djeld, past the restaurant Dar El Djeld (large yellow studded door on right), continue down the street and take the first on the right under a vaulted passageway, cross a pretty small square, Romdane Bey, and go straight ahead down rue Agha. At the bottom, the street bears left, go right under an arch (it's still rue Agha, then right again under a second arch, our house is the first, under the arch, with a brown studded door with the number 24 up high (X).

Walking from Porte de France (Bab Bhar) (blue route)

With the large entrance arch (France Gate (Bab Bhar)) behind you, cross the square with the former British Consulate, a pretty building on your right. Enter the Medina by the small street in the centre with a sign 'Restaurant le Pacha' up on your right. Continue straight up this street (Rue Jemaa ez-Zitouna) till you reach a square with the Great Mosque in front of you. Turn right with The Mosque on your left and at the end turn left into Souk al-Attarine, turn almost immediately right at the red and green stripy poles. Continue this street till it forks and take the left fork. At a crossroads go straight ahead up rue Sayda Ajoula, when you reach a blank wall  with a sign Rue du Divan, turn right, continue down this road, till the last arch at the bottom. Our door is the brown studded one under the arch with the number 24 on the left up high (X).


To book, write us at lachambrebleue

  Pictures are taken by Renzo Chiesa